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Spark Resource Group
Connecting Innovative Tech Leaders with Exceptional Tech Talent.
We Know Tech. We Are Tech.

Utah connected, Utah owned
We have been hiring and leading Tech organizations for over 25 years - creating innovative products, systems, and teams along the Wasatch front.
We are connected and respected with Utah Tech talent.
Fluent in technology
We know systems.
We know code.
We know what makes great Tech teams succeed.
We are fluent in technology.
We understand your need
to build strong teams and will help you
find the talent you are
looking for.
Let's Spark a relationship
you can count on.
Identify client needs
You need quality people that fit with your team.
We combine our Tech expertise with
an understanding of your business and culture
to find the talent you need.
Deliver excellent talent
We can find what you are looking for
beyond standard online database searches.
We have contributed to the Utah tech landscape
for over 25 years and
have talented Tech professionals in our personal networks.
Full Time Employees - Contractors - Nearshore contractors
We have what you need.
Promote your brand
We understand the difficulty of landing great talent in the competitive Utah tech market.
We promote your brand, culture, and project, giving you an edge.
A unique staffing experience
Personalized partnership
We purposely keep our client base small so we can ensure every partnership is personal and valued.
Expert vetting
With years of executive-level IT hiring experience under our belt, we know what every role requires to be successful.
Culture aligned
We learn what makes your company successful and connect you with talent that supports your culture and vision.
Proven talent pool
Sourcing from the best professionals in Utah, we deliver individuals that have proven their ability on successful teams.
We also provide talented nearshore contractors.
Strategic counsel
Our objective is not to fill job openings. We are dedicated to providing people that will help you achieve your goals.
Targeted promotion
We promote you to the best talent and ensure that they understand the unique opportunities and culture that you provide.
Tom Karren
CTO , Nerd United
“We have been working with Matt from Spark Resource Group for many years. We continue to use him to find resources for us because of his dedication to finding the right people in addition to the right skills we are looking for, instead of just providing resumes like most recruiting firms!”"
JT Holt
COO, Inetz Media Group
SparkRG isn’t your typical recruiting firm. They understand IT and what I need in talent and culture. I appreciate the personal attention and urgency they give to my requests"
Sheridan Richey
CTO, 3PL Central